Greenlake Primary Care Providers

Left to right: Melissa Holmes, PA-C, Krista Hodne, MD, Tess Moore, MD, Kari Palmer, MD,  Sneha Sastry, MD (not pictured Rohini Kamath, MD)


Greenlake Primary Care (GPC) is an independent full-service primary care medical clinic. Our doctors have specialties in Pediatrics, Internal Medicine, and Family Medicine.  Founded by Anna Chavelle MD in the 1960s, the clinic has been caring for families for over 50 years. We have continued this legacy of excellence, each of our doctors earning the Seattle Top Doctor awards for several years. In 2021 we transitioned our practice to a Direct Primary Care model that allows us to spend more time with patients providing care that matters, rather than insurance and visit driven medicine. We feel transparency, affordability, and access should be available to everyone. We are a weight inclusive practice and believe that all patients in all bodies deserve compassionate and high quality medical care and we do not use culture standards as a measure for health. It is also important to us to care for Medicare patients, so we offer a special plan for those with Medicare. Committed to patient centered care where you and your doctor work together to heal and stay healthy, Greenlake Primary Care would love to serve you and your health care needs.

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Our Support Staff

Greenlake Primary Care Staff

We are extremely proud of our team of support staff. Our dedicated staff puts patients first in their work. They are  here to schedule your appointments, coordinate care and records with other practices, perform in office testing and give vaccines.  Our vaccine program has successfully reached Gold level status in the Washington state Vaccine for Children program. The medical staff can also help to arrange for tests to be done outside the office, research and pre-certify referrals, and prior authorize medication refills.


Larsen Billing performs the billing for any people with Medicare or those that see Dr. Sastry with insurance. They do their best to be clear, prompt and accurate with any bill. Call them at 888-458-8015, if you have questions about your bill.