Tess Moore, MD

Family Medicine

As owner of the clinic, I take your health and your experience with us to heart. I am passionate about caring for individuals and families throughout their lives. Through connection and listening, I have come to appreciate that different patients have different needs, challenges, and personal goals. Because of my interest in specialized care for individual needs, I offer slow-paced visits, more detailed education about your or your child’s condition and treatment, a weight inclusive approach, and getting to know what your goals for treatment are rather than mine. I want my patients to feel cared for in their body rather than in spite of their body, and I take a patient centric approach. I have special interest in caring for whole families, eating disorders, non-surgical gynecologic health, medication assisted treatment for substance abuse, and gender affirming care. As a separate service from Primary Care, I offer medical consultation for eating disorders. Please see our Eating Disorder page for details.

I was immediately drawn to Direct Primary Care (DPC) because it allows doctors to spend more time with patients and less time with insurance concerns. For patients this transparency and access is revolutionary. There are no artificial time limits on visits, no co-pays or surprise charges, and no barriers to reaching me. Through DPC you will have access to me through email, text, video or phone, and same or next day office visits. By limiting the number of patients and removing the problems with insurance-based practice, I can have a more personal relationship with you. Preventive medicine and outstanding chronic disease management can help patients live longer and healthier lives. The relationship with a trusted physician puts change within reach.

After completing medical school at the University of Washington and residency at Valley Medical Center, I spent 10 years in practice as a Clinical Director at the Community Health Center of Snohomish County providing full spectrum Family Medicine including Obstetrics. I am Clinical Faculty at the University of Washington in the Department of Family Medicine and have been recognized as a fellow with the American Academy of Family Medicine for my leadership and ongoing commitment to exceptional primary care, caring for underserved populations, and teaching. In 2022 I earned the Roger A Rosenblatt Community Service Award from the King County Academy of Family Physicians, as well as a Top Doctors award with the Seattle Met.  I have lived in Seattle for over 25 years. In my free time I can be found laughing with my daughter, losing the battle of the weeds in my garden, and on good days playing in the mountains on foot or skis.  It is a great pleasure to be part of Greenlake Primary Care and offer Direct Primary Care to your family and the community.

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star iconReviews for Dr. Moore

This was the first time I’ve felt comfortable and unrushed in a doctor’s visit in I don’t know how long.  I truly believe that healing begins when we feel genuinely seen and heard.
Anonymous, Verified patient

Dr. Moore seemed very invested in my appointment, went out of the way to listen to my concerns. She explained things the best way she could as well. I have been to several doctors’ offices before where you just don’t feel like you are anything special. So, it was just nice to know that she did care, and that I did have her full attention for the appointment. That really meant alot to me. Anonymous, Verified patient

I really love Dr. Tess. She is very kind and patient with my daughter. When she cries she takes time to make her feel relaxed and make her smile. She answers all of my questions and explains things clearly. Anonymous, Verified patient

Doctor Moore listens to me, communicates with me, and really cares about me. Anonymous, Verified patient