Direct Primary Care

What is Direct Primary Care (DPC)?

DPC is an affordable model of membership medicine that includes all primary care services with a single monthly fee. This allows unrushed 30-60 minute appointments, direct access to your provider, and a quality of care that improves your health. By not billing insurance, DPC removes a tremendous portion of the administrative costs making it affordable and in many cases less expensive than traditional medical practices. This puts the patient at the center of their care with their provider as a trusted partner.

What is included?

  • All preventive care visits, including gynecologic care
  • Care of chronic conditions, for example diabetes, hypertension, asthma
  • Urgent visits during office hours
  • Ability to contact your primary care provider directly when and how you need it through email, secure messaging or phone
  • Procedures as indicated (specialty services may have additional charges click to inquire).
    • sutures
    • EKG
    • abscess and cyst drainage
    • basic wound care
    • ear wax removal
  • Negotiated rates for labs. See PDF for prices.
  • In house pharmacy for some prescription medication at discount
  • Weekly virtual seated yoga, health talks, and discounts on supplements

Are there extra fees?

There are no visit fees or copays and most procedures are included in your direct primary care membership. If you receive any specialty procedures that do have a charge, such as a dermatologic procedure or birth control implant, we will inform you of the total cost before you receive care. We believe in full transparency of health care costs.

Do you take my insurance? Do I need insurance?

We accept patients with all insurance plans or no insurance, but we do not bill insurance and are not contracted with insurance other than Medicare. Insurance plans do not pay membership fees. We recommend all patients have insurance. DPC is not insurance. It is important that you have insurance if you require hospitalization, surgery, or need to see a specialist.

What if I have Medicare?

We have a commitment to offering care to Medicare patients, however Medicare requires that visits are billed. For Medicare we offer a reduced monthly fee of $100 and bill your Medicare and your secondary. Our model provides excellent coordination and quality for aging and disabled patients, personalizing the experience. We can spend the time you need and the flexibility of in person or telehealth. We bill Medicare and you are responsible for copays. If you have a replacement or Advantage plan, you may have to pay full price for all visits as we are out of network with commercial plans that replace medicare. Secondary insurance may have better benefits with a membership practice like ours.

Will I benefit from DPC if I don’t need frequent medical attention?

Of course. Everyone benefits from a service tailored directly to them. That’s why we offer truly custom healthcare. We are here for you if you are sick or hurt, but we also help you proactively maintain good health. Every visit with us will be thorough, relaxed, and as long as you need to address your health concerns. The longer you are our patient, the more we learn about your health and lifestyle, and the better we can help you maintain that health.

How is DPC different from Concierge membership?

With concierge membership you pay an access fee to join the clinic and then you continue to use your insurance for covered services such as onsite or telemedicine visits, labs, and procedures. You may have co-pays and co-insurance. With DPC, there are no additional costs for telemedicine or onsite visits, and there are deep discounts for labs and procedures offered onsite. DPC monthly fees are less than the price of an office visit.

Calling the Office

What if I want to speak directly to my doctor?

With Direct Primary Care and Concierge Medicine your doctor is looking forward to speaking with you! The easiest way to speak with your doctor is Spruce text. If you would like your doctor to call you back you can note that and route it to them. You can also put your questions directly into this secure platform. If it is urgent – please mark urgent and call if your message has not been responded to in 30 minutes. If it is a routine request please let us know that as well!


Are there copays for visits?

Direct Primary Care has no co-payment or other visit fees. Concierge medicine may have fees including co-payments for Medicare, or fee-for-service visits for specialty care.

What should I always bring to an appointment?

A list of your concerns, any medication or supplements you take (pictures or actual bottles are much appreciated), allergies, adverse reactions.

Lab Tests

Where will my lab tests be done?

DPC includes most of the tests we do in the office, including urinalysis, rapid strep, glucose, pregnancy, microscopic exams. For Medicare – we bill for these directly.

Our office has a contract with LabCorp to provide low cost labs directly to DPC patients. They will bill Medicare indepently. If you wish to use your insurance for labs, please let us know and we can pass along the information to LabCorp.

You may also request that we fax a prescription for lab work to another lab site if that is more convenient.


What immunizations do you offer?

We participate in the Washington State Vaccine for Children (VFC) program. We offer the following vaccines for children at no cost, with a minimal to no charge.

  • DTaP (diphtheria, tetanus, acellular pertussis)
  • MMR (measles, mumps, rubella)
  • IPV (Polio)
  • Hepatitis B
  • Hepatitis A
  • Rotavirus
  • HIB (hemophilus)
  • PCV-13
  • Varicella (Chicken Pox)
  • Influenza
  • Gardisil (for HPV)
  • Mennigitis B – Trumeba

For adults we offer the flu cost at no cost to our DPC patients and there is a small fee for the Tetanus shot. Medicare will pay for flu shots.

  • Tdap (tetanus, diphtheria, acellular pertussis)
  • Influenza

We can write prescriptions for many other vaccines and you can go to a pharmacy.

Medical Records

Who has access to my medical records?

Your medical records are confidential. One of the nice things about DPC is that your insurance does NOT have the right to look at your medical records without your direct consent.  If you would like to release your medical records, for any reason, to anyone, please sign this release form . It is submitted to us electronically so you do not need to print it.

Please see our Notice of Your Privacy Rights (PDF) for more information.

How do I request medical records?

Please sign a release of information.

Patient Satisfaction

What if I am unhappy with my care?

Please tell us! It is our intention that you get excellent care. But we can’t fix what we don’t know about. Call, come in or write us a letter so we can work with you toward a solution.

What if I am happy with my care?

Tell all your friends! Put it on the internet! We suggest adding a review on Google. You can friend or “like” us on Facebook. Help our practice to provide excellent care to more people!