In Direct Primary Care (DPC), your Physician contracts directly with you instead of insurance companies through a monthly fee. A membership with our DPC program costs $65-$125/month (see below) and includes all primary care office visits, telemedicine visits, wellness exams, and more.  There are no co-pays, deductibles, or co-insurance. Just like a gym membership, the fee is the same each month if you see us multiple times or are healthy and have the security of knowing we are just a phone call away.

We feel this model provides the best care to our patients by incentivizing getting and keeping them well rather than charging for every interaction with us. We have fewer patients per doctor and can provided extended visits when needed. We prioritize access through text, email or phone calls directly with your doctor or health care team. In a system where patient appointments can be weeks or months away, we address issues when our patients need us with telehealth and same or next day office visits in most cases.

For our Medicare patients we are required to bill Medicare for visits, but we offer a reduced membership fee for the access, flexibility, and personalization we provide. Please contact the clinic for more information.

We believe directly contracting with patients is the way to treat every patient with the best care we can and our goal is to be there when and how they need us.

Other benefits of DPC

We have contracted directly with our laboratory to provide our patients the lowest pricing on labs. You can use your insurance if you prefer.

We also provide our members wholesale pricing on common medications at our onsite dispensary, resulting in 50-90% savings and the convenience of leaving the office with your prescriptions.

Membership with Greenlake Direct Primary Care also includes weekly yoga, a walking program, virtual health workshops and lectures, and a newsletter. List of services (PDF).

Please refer to our Direct Primary Care FAQ or call or email us for more information:


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Monthly price by age:

Age or GroupMonthly Price
Discount for family members$10/member