To celebrate a great year, we took an incredible Thai cooking class together with Pranee at It was a treat to relax and cook together and get to know our new staff member, Michelle.

Happy New Year!!!

New rapid testing options for RSV, COVID and FLU!
We now have new choices for our patients for rapid testing for COVID, flu, RSV and Strep. These tests have better accuracy, particularly for flu and strep, compared to other rapid options. We can continue to use the lab if you would like to use your insurance. We can bill Medicare. For the rapid test we charge our cost and can give you a receipt to submit to insurance. If your doctor feels a non-member needs to be tested, the full rate applies.

  • COVID/ flu A/B combo: $30
  • RSV: $20
  • Strep A: $10

Reminder about insurance and contact information

Please bring your insurance card to your visits and let us know right away if you change address or phone number. If we do not have updated insurance cards we are unable to send information to the pharmacy, lab, or any specialists we refer to. This can cause delays in your care or surprise bills later from the lab.

Reminder about Spruce

Spruce messaging is a great way to request refills or ask your doctor medical questions, as well as ask forms to be completed and request appointments. Here are a few tips:

  • Select a reason when you send a message so it gets routed the fasted way possible. For example, if a message is for the MAs to start a refill it will go directly to the front desk if you select that button. If you choose to “message my doctor” they may get the message much sooner.
  • Please make sure notifications are on for Spruce if you send a message requesting reply.
  • If you don’t have Spruce but would like it, please send a text message or call our main number.


  • We have Moderna bivalent vaccines for our members or parents of members ages 6 and up on Wednesday afternoons or at the time of your visits. You need to have completed a primary series (Pfizer or Moderna) or booster >2 months ago. vaccine clinic Wednesday afternoons
  • When you schedule, complete this form right away to allow us to complete documentation for the state registry in time and minimize numbers of patients in the clinic at one time. You do not need to print it out – simply fill out and submit. Please bring your insurance card to this appointment.
  • You may receive your flu vaccine at the same time if you are a member (see below).


We have regular dose flu for our members. You can receive your flu when you get your COVID vaccine or schedule on Wednesday afternoons at this link:

vaccine clinic Wednesday afternoons

If you are over 65 we typically recommend high dose flu – this can be received at pharmacies that offer flu vaccines.


Seated yoga with meditation for everyone. Thursdays at noon for 30 min with Alison Solam. Log in and say hello, then you can turn off your camera.