Many small businesses struggle with rising insurance premiums and the conflict between wanting to provide high quality benefits while meeting the bottom line. DPC (Direct Primary Care) is an affordable way to bring premium health care benefits to your employees. With a set monthly fee of $75-100 per employee per month, we provide full primary care benefits at no added cost to you or your employee. All office visits, preventive care, unlimited telehealth, and texting directly with their primary care physician is included.

Highly accessible appointments and telehealth mean we can get your employees back to work and staying healthy. They also enjoy the benefits of their own primary care physician treating them for urgent needs. As added benefits, we offer deeply discounted medications, labs and vitamins. We can bring free annual flu vaccines to your office. We also have wellness benefits like virtual yoga and monthly health talks.

Greenlake Primary Care does not bill insurance and we are not insurance. DPC pairs well with a high deductible insurance plan, offering excellent benefits at lower prices than just a premium insurance plan. DPC can also be funded with an HRA, providing tax benefits to the employer. Many small businesses feel they cannot afford to provide any health benefits to their employees and DPC is a great alternative to no benefits at all.

More accessible and personalized healthcare keeps your employees healthy and on the job and allows you to recruit and retain the best employees. Contact us today to learn more at

We look forward to being a partner in your employees health.