What is Direct Primary Care (DPC)?  In short, DPC is an accessible, transparent, affordable, and personal alternative to traditional insurance practices.  Patients pay a set monthly membership fee and contract directly with their doctor. All office and video visits with us, preventive care, and communications are included in this monthly fee.  We also have significant discounts on medications, vitamins, and labs; and there are wellness benefits like virtual yoga and health talks.

Direct primary care incentivizes keeping you healthy while giving you the flexibility that traditional practices can’t. You can call your doctor directly, securely text message, or have video visits without fees or hassle. Most visits can be scheduled the same or next day and problems that typically would be referred to urgent care, like stitches or acute illnesses can be done by your doctor without additional charges. During COVID acute issues can assessed by us remotely for your safety and the safety of other patients, then if you need to come in we can set that up as well.

Traditional practices are a high numbers game that result in an average of 8 minute visits and a doctor having 2000 or more patients. At Greenlake Primary Care we have 30-60 minute visits and limit that number of patients to 300 so we can focus on your health.

DPC is not insurance. While primary care fees are capped, visits to specialists or emergencies such as surgery or hospitalization are not included.  We don’t require patients have insurance, but we recommend all patients have insurance or a health share. DPC also does not qualify as a health plan by the Affordable Care Act.

Many patients find they actually save money by pairing DPC with a high deductible insurance plan or a health share.  The average savings for a family switching to a high deductible plan is about $2000 a year, which with other savings of direct primary care can make it more affordable than traditional practices.

DPC is not concierge medicine. Concierge practices bill your insurance in addition to membership fees. This can result in copays and typically the monthly fees are higher than in direct primary care.

Who is DPC good for? Individuals who are tired of a confusing system with surprise fees and low value. Patients and families who value a relationship with their doctor, better access and convenience. Patients who don’t want their insurance company making medical decisions for their health.

Please schedule a virtual meet and greet to answer questions and meet our doctors.  We look forward to providing you a truly personalized healthcare experience.